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Books, Articles, and even TV shows, have been produced in recent years about the increase in intimidation by kids against other kids in schools throughout the world. This problem is commonly referred to as bullying. The image of some bully physically or emotionally injuring  your child is the parent's greatest fear and the child's as well! 

A confident child is the best defense against a bully. Bullies seek out the weak. A child with low confidence is the bullies proffered target. Our kids self defense program focuses on instilling confidence. They will learn verbal strategies and non-violent self defense techniques.

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is leading the way as the Best Martial Art for Children

Many parents turn to the traditional Martial Arts like Tae Known Do, Karate or Kung Fu which are what is know as 'Striking' arts. Times have changed and we are more educated now more then every about bullying. Reverting to punching or kicking a bully as a self defense solution has proven to be less effective than we hoped.  
 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enables practitioners to subdue their opponents without the use of punching and kicking. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that uses grappling techniques to control the bully witch eliminates excess force and is ideal for diffusing school fights. We have trained instructors who are always supervising all the Activities. 

Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Windsor

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